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The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) establishes procedures that govern the sale of helium to Federal agencies with major helium requirements. In order to sell a major helium requirement to a Federal agency, a Federal helium supplier must be under contract with the BLM to purchase from BLM an amount of crude helium equivalent to the amount of refined helium it has supplied to the Federal agency. This is what we call In-Kind Helium.

If you are a federal agency or a contractor who is federally funded and have a major helium requirement, you are eligible for in-kind helium and are encouraged to register on this site.

The information you provide will be verified and if it is determined that you are an eligible agency, you will be added to our list of In-Kind helium customers and be sent pertinent information about the program. If you are not eligible, you will be notified via email.

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The federal regulations at 43 CFR subpart 3195 require that federal agencies and contractors must use an authorized federal helium supplier (in-kind helium) for any major helium requirement, defined as 200 Mcf of gaseous helium or 7510 liters of liquid helium delivered to a use location per year. Those federal agency or contractor use locations that do not have major helium requirements are not required to purchase IK helium; however, nothing in the regulations precludes other federal users from purchasing their helium requirements from a federal helium supplier as part of the IK program, as long as the funding for the purchased helium is from a federal source.

All federal agencies and contractors must report their purchases from a federal helium supplier to the BLM in accordance with 43 CFR subpart 3195.13 and 3195.26. These reports must include the use location, delivery date(s), the company from which you purchased the helium, and if you are not a federal agency, the federal grant or agreement associated with the helium use. Other fields are provided on the interactive web page below to complete the registration process.

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