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Albertosaurus was the largest meat-eating dinosaur of its day. It lived about 10 million years before its larger cousin, Tyrannosaurus rex. Fossils of meat-eating dinosaurs are very rare, and this is the only Albertosaurus ever found in New Mexico. This specimen is considered very complete, and includes much of the skull, jaws with large (3-inch long) serrated teeth, vertebrae, ribs, part of the pelvis, and hind-limb bone (the femur).


One site contained a partial skull and some of the skeleton of a Pentaceratops, or "five-horned" dinosaur. The Pentaceratops specimen is extremely rare and is known only from the San Juan Basin in New Mexico. This specimen is particularly important because it includes a part of the skull that is not normally preserved, which is the most important part for distinguishing the different kinds of ceratopsian dinosaurs.


  • Length: about 30 feet
  • Height at hips: 10 feet
  • Weight: about 2.5 tons
  • Age of fossil: about 74 million years
  • Length: about 25-30 feet
  • Length of skull: 7.5 feet
  • Height at hips: 8 feet
  • Weight: 3-4 tons
  • Age of fossil: About 74 million years
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