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The Final EIS analyzes the environmental effects of the Proposed Action, the Preferred Alternative, three other action alternatives, and the No Action Alternative. The BLM’s Preferred Alternative consists of a mixture of what the BLM considers the best features of Alternatives A, B, and C, as well as some new aspects incorporated in response to public comments and internal BLM concerns. The Preferred Alternative includes the same proposed mine area, mining methods, facilities in the shaft area, processing methods and water demands, well field and water pipeline, and loadout facilities as the Proposed Action. Compared to the Proposed Action, the Preferred Alternative includes a smaller tailings stockpile, additional monitoring and reclamation requirements, more formalized coordination with stakeholders, and a dispute resolution process. Responses to public comments on the Draft EIS are provided in Appendix B of the Final EIS.

Please download the Final EIS from the links below.

Final EIS

Final EIS

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  Hydrogeologic Impact Assessment Report (groundwater model)
  Aquifer Test and Analysis Report
  Environmental Geology Assessment Report
  Ochoa RFD Update Memo
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  Water Resources Monitoring Plan
  Subsidence Monitoring Plan
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