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The Draft EIS evaluated and compared the direct, indirect, and cumulative impacts to the individual resources (physical, biological, cultural, and human) for each of the alternatives (see 40 CFR 1502.16). All of the action alternatives would use non-potable water from the Capitan Aquifer for processing, predicted to result in substantial drawdown of this water source, but would not affect potable shallow groundwater. The Proposed Action (Alternative A) would result in visual impacts from project processing facilities and the tailings stockpile that would be reduced under Alternative B. Specific management guidance for co-development of minerals are considered under Alternatives A and C. At the current time, the BLM has not selected a preferred alternative and is seeking input from the public before making a selection in the Final EIS. Please download the Draft EIS from the links below and submit your comments by September 23, 2013.

Draft EIS

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  Hydrogeologic Impact Assessment Report (groundwater model)
  Aquifer Test and Analysis Report
  Environmental Geology Assessment Report
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