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What is the HB In-Situ Solution Mine Project EIS?

Intrepid Potash, Inc., through its subsidiary HB Potash, LLC, proposes to construct and operate an in-situ solution mine in the abandoned HB Potash Mine (formerly Eddy Potash or PCA). The project is located approximately 20 miles northeast of the city of Carlsbad in Eddy County, New Mexico. The project involves injecting saturated saline water into the mine workings and extracting a mineral-rich solution. This mineral-rich solution would be pumped to the surface and transported through a pipeline to solar evaporation ponds. Once the solution evaporates in the ponds, the potassium-bearing salts would be harvested from the ponds for ore refinement in a newly constructed mill.

Map of Project Area The majority of the land affected by the proposed project is located on land managed by the U.S. Department of the Interior, Bureau of Land Management (BLM). The remaining lands are either owned by the State of New Mexico or held privately. The BLM Carlsbad Field Office has determined that an environmental impact statement (EIS) is required to analyze the potential environmental impacts of the proposed project. The EIS is being prepared under the guidance of the BLM Carlsbad Field Office as the lead agency.

Why is the HB In-Situ Solution Mine Project under Consideration?
The leasing of potassium is authorized through the Mineral Leasing Act of 1920, as amended. The project is located within the Known Potash Leasing Area (KPLA) designated for the leasing of potassium by the Secretary of the Interior and is under the management of the BLM. The in-situ mine is located on lands currently leased for potassium by Intrepid Potash. This project will allow for the extraction of additional potash reserves from the inactive mines which otherwise would remain underground. The environmental impacts of the project initially were being evaluated through an environmental assessment (EA). A public meeting was held for the EA in September 2008. Interest in the project and comments received during the comment period indicated that there was a high level of public interest in the project and the potential environmental impacts. For this reason, BLM determined that an EIS would be required to thoroughly analyze the potential environmental impacts of the proposed project.

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