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The Draft EIS evaluated and compared the direct, indirect, and cumulative impacts to the individual resources (e.g. biological, cultural, human, etc.) for each of the alternatives (40 CFR 1502.16). Alternative A would use mostly non-potable water from the Rustler Formation, but high impacts from drawdown of the aquifer are projected and there may not be sufficient water available to supply the project. To guarantee a sufficient supply of water for the project, Alternative B proposes to use additional potable water from the Capitan Aquifer, which has a greater recharge capacity and fewer projected impacts from drawdown. At the current time, the BLM has not selected a preferred alternative and is seeking input from the public before making a selection in the Final EIS.

Draft EIS sections:

  HBIS Draft EIS Cover
  Dear Reader Letter
  Executive Summary
  Master TOC
  1.0 Introduction
  2.0 Alternatives
  3.0 Affected Environment
  4.0 Environmental Effects
  5.0 Cumulative Effects
  6.0 Consultation, Coordination
  Appendix A
  Appendix B
  Appendix C

Comment Card
  Tips for Providing Effective DEIS Comments
  Quick Facts on HB In-Situ Solution Mine Project EIS
  HB In-Situ Solution Mine Project EIS: Overview and Impact Analysis
  Hydrological Assessment and Groundwater Modeling Report
  Geology and Minerals Report
  Socioeconomic and Environmental Justice Report
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