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What is NEPA
An environmental impact statement (EIS) for the HB In-Situ Solution Mine Project is being prepared under the direction of the U.S. Department of the Interior, Bureau of Land Management (BLM). The EIS will be developed in accordance with the federal law called the National Environmental Policy Act of 1969 (NEPA), as amended, and in compliance with the Council on Environmental Quality regulations for implementing NEPA. Most federal departments and agencies have their own established procedures on how to implement NEPA.

Evaporation ponds near Moab, Utah showing cascading pond arrangement. NEPA was enacted to ensure that information on the impacts of any federal, or federally funded, action is available to public officials and citizens before decisions are made and before actions are taken. One of the basic principles of NEPA is that people make better decisions when they have clear information about the consequences and trade-offs associated with taking a specific course of action.

NEPA involves the application of a systematic and interdisciplinary approach to predict the potential impacts, both beneficial and adverse, to the human environment. The human environment includes the natural and cultural resources, as well as the social and economic values, of the region that would be affected by the proposed project.

Critical to the success of an EIS are the following:

  • Public input and involvement
  • Clear description of the purpose of and need for the project
  • Development of a reasonable range of alternatives, including a No Action alternative
  • Scientific analysis of the direct and indirect effects of each alternative
  • Identification of potential cumulative impacts of reasonably foreseeable actions in the region, considered in combination with the proposed project
  • Consideration of measures that reduce predicted impacts
How will the EIS be prepared?
The BLM, the federal lead agency with jurisdiction over the project, is responsible for the preparation of the EIS. The BLM has selected a private contractor to prepare this EIS under BLM direction and in compliance with agency policies and guidelines.

The BLM will directly supervise the contractor to ensure that the EIS is consistent with NEPA and its implementing regulations. The BLM is responsible for final acceptance of the Draft and Final EIS documents and the Record of Decision, which will be signed by the authorized BLM representative at the end of the process.

The NEPA process flow chart below identifies points in the NEPA process for providing your comments.

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