Information required to cross Private Land for access to Carrizozo BLM Lands

To visit Carrizozo BLM Lands, you must cross private lands. The private landowners request that individuals who intend to cross private lands complete this form. This information will be provided to the private landowners and BLM.

We will email a map of designated roads, the gate combination and a vehicle pass. The application must be received during regular business hours.

Please submit applications at least 3 days prior to your trip, especially before the weekendApplications will only be processed Monday through Friday.  


Full Name:
Vehicle Make:
Vehicle Model:
Vehicle Color:
Vehicle Year:
Vehicle License Plate: State:
Arrival Date: mm/dd/yyyy
Departure Date:
Purpose of Visit:

This vehicle pass will grant you access to BLM Lands. To access State Trust Lands, except license holding hunters and recreation access permit holders, you must get permission directly from the private landowner. To access any Private Land you must get permission directly from the private landowner. Failure to provide the requested information to the BLM may result in the vehicle pass being denied.

Access to BLM Lands is governed by following these rules:

  1. Display your vehicle pass where it can be easily seen
  2. Close and lock the entrance gate immediately after you enter or exit
  3. Always check the lock to ensure it has engaged
  4. Proceed 1.1 miles on the Private Access Road to BLM Public Land boundary
  5. Always use designated roads/ No off road vehicle travel is permitted
  6. Follow "Pack it in/Pack it out" principals
  7. Follow all posted signs
  8. Report violations to:
    • BLM Roswell Field Office (575) 627-0272 or
    • BLM Ranger (575) 910-0778 or
    • Lincoln County Sheriff's office (575) 648-2342.
    • Report Game Violations to the Dept. of Game and Fish (800) 432-4263
  9. Leave gates as you find them, open or closed
  10. Your vehicle pass allows you to enter and exit on the approved private road only. No other use of private land is granted by this vehicle pass.
  11. The BLM will change the combination to the lock frequently.
  12. Dispersed camping is generally allowed on public lands in New Mexico for no more than a period of 14 days within any period of 28 consecutive days. The 14-day limit may be reached either through a number of separate visits or through 14 days of continuous overnight occupation during the 28-day period. After this time period, you must relocate to another site at least 25 miles away. The purpose of this is to prevent damage to sensitive resources caused by continual use of any particular areas.

By checking the space below I agree to follow all posted rules while visiting the Carrizozo Land Partnership, and I am aware that this information is being shared with private landowners and BLM.

Yes, I agree to follow all posted rules and I am aware this information is shared with private landowners and BLM.

Failure to follow the above stipulations will invalidate this permit and place you in violation of the regulations. BLM Carrizozo lands are monitored frequently by BLM Law Enforcement and private landowners to ensure compliance.

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Note: after you hit submit, you will be returned to this form.

Information submitted on this form is being voluntarily provided solely for the purpose of providing access to cross Private Land for access to Carrizozo BLM Lands.

This information will only be used by the BLM for the purposes stated on this page.

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